Insu — Instagram Bot.

import time
import pyautogui as pg
from pyfiglet import Figlet
f = Figlet(font='doom')
print("----------------(Insu(v0.5) Instagram Bot by likenull)-------------------")
count = 0
numlikes = int(input("How many post to like: "))
print(str(numlikes) + " posts to like")
hastag = str(input("Hashtag to use:"))
print("Using hashtag: " + str(hastag))
print("Launching(slow mode)...")
time.sleep(2), 98)
pg.PAUSE = 3.25'down')
pg.PAUSE = 2.0'enter')'enter')
pg.PAUSE = 3.6'pagedown')
#Step 2 post click
pg.PAUSE = 2.0, 518)
pg.PAUSE = 3.0
#alinging pointer to the middle Point(x=339, y=400)
print("Liking recent Post by tag.....")
pg.moveTo(332, 400)
pg.Pause = 2.0
pg.doubleClick(332, 400)
print("First post liked")
pg.Pause = 3.5'right')
count = 1
while (count < numlikes):
count = count + 1
pg.doubleClick(332, 400)
pg.Pause = 4.0'right')
print("\rPosts liked: "+str(count), end='')
pg.Pause = 0.1
print(str(numlikes) +" Post liked. By tag" + str(hastag))
print("\rPosts liked: "+str(count), end='')

Tech enthusiast, Web Developer.

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Atul kumar singh

Atul kumar singh

Tech enthusiast, Web Developer.

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